igorslivejour (igorslivejour) wrote,

спокойной ночи

Оригинал взят у belka_andreeva в Tito and Tarantula After Dark Snakedance

Watching her strolling in the night
So white wondering why
It's only after dark
In her eyes a distant fire light
Burns bright wondering why
It's only after dark

I find myself in her room
Feel the fever of my doom
Falling falling through the floor
I'm knocking on the devil's door, yeeeah

In the dawn I wake up to find
Her gone And a note
Says Only after dark

Burning burning in the flame
Now I know her secret name
You can tear her temple down
But she'll be back and rule again, yeeeeeah

In my heart a deep and dark and lonely part
Wants her and waits for after dark, after dark, after dark, after daaaaaaaaark


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